New Visitors


Light and health to you and your loved ones.

Following government and health authority Covid-19 current guidelines, we are slowly reopening our Church. In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we adapt to the continuing changes.

Our Visitor forms are now open, however we count on your understanding as it may take a while to respond to applications and questions.

Céu do Montréal


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(Photo Credit: Ceu do dedo de Deus)

Céu do Montréal welcomes visitors, however all visitors must read the “Visitor’s Guide”, participate in a personal interview, and attend a hymn practice at our church, prior to attending a Work (Santo Daime rituals are known as “Works”). We ask potential visitors to attend an information session, and/or to review the videos on the education page of this website and the videos on the Santo Daime here:

An Information Evening is held every three months which we encourage all potential visitors to attend. Visitors’ forms must be completed, and any auxiliary medical information provided prior to attending their first Work.
Pre-registration for Information Evenings is required.
We will email you a link to the Information Session a week prior to the event.

Céu do Montréal is an independent Santo Daime church and a non-profit organization, volunteer-managed, and supported by members and visitors and their donations. We maintain our website and all the information on it as a community education effort. Please help to support our endeavours.

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Kindly note that it may take a while for us to respond, and we generally have a waiting list for Works. Please be patient as we are a small church, we take the preparation, health, and well-being of our visitors seriously and this process may take up to a few months.
Please note that Céu do Montréal is a single Sacrament Church.

It is important that all visitors understand that the Works can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging. Soliciting is forbidden in the Santo Daime tradition, all who wish to participate do so by solemn and informed request. All participants in Santo Daime rituals are required to undergo a screening process as some medical conditions and medications are contra-indicated. Preparation for a Work includes following recommendations of healthy self-care as well as setting clear intentions regarding participation. It is helpful to prepare on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, in order to be more open on the spiritual level. Part of the Santo Daime tradition is to be mindful of activities and habits for three days before a Work and for three days following a Work.

Important note for people who live out-of-town:

Please note that, when invited to an information evening and Works, all out-of-town visitors must make their own arrangements for travel to, and accommodation in Montreal. According to our tradition and regulations, no new visitors can drive home after a Work. Thank you for your understanding.

During the Works it is necessary to follow the Rules of the Salão.

If you wish to visit Céu Do Montréal please read the Visitor Guide first and then:  Start the Application Process.