Media review for The Ayahuasca Religions: The Sacrament, the Traditions and the Science

(Note: Radio Canada is in French. Links to segments are further down the page in each case)

Urbania October 2019 L’Ayahuasca, quand la science et la religion sont d’accord

CAJD (Radio) 25 Oct 2019

Radio Canada 21 Oct 2019 (14:16) Le 15-18 du 21 octobre 2019 avec Annie Desrochers

Radio Canada 16 Oct 2019Tout un matin du 16 octobre 2019 avec Patrick Masbourian

The Link (Concordia) 21 Oct 2019 Can Ayahuasca Save The World? What I Learned at the 2019 Ayahuasca Conference Six Scientists Argue Ayahuasca Can Be a Powerful Healer

Montreal Gazette 15 Oct 2019 What’s all the buzz about? Montreal woman seeks to demystify ayahuasca

City TV (CityNews) 18 Oct 2019 Demystifying ayahuasca, a psychedelic plant

CTV 10 Oct 2019 Montreal conference will put spotlight on hallucinogenic ayahuasca