Ayahuasca Awakenings: Interview with Rev Dr. Jessica Rochester

Stephen Gray interviews Rev Dr Jessica Rochester on her books: Ayahuasca Awakening, and the emerging field of psychedelic therapies and the need for guidelines.

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This interview is one of over two dozen with leading influencers in fields related to psychedelics and consciousness transformation. All of the interviews can be viewed on the 

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Welcome to Céu do Montréal


June 2022 – 5 years since we received our Section 56 Exemption.

1997 – 2022 25 year anniversary of Céu do Montréal.

Viva Céu do Montreal!

Viva the Santo Daime!

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Céu do Montréal, Eclectic Centre for the Universal Flowing Light, is an independent Santo Daime church, a non-profit, and federally incorporated, Part 11 Corporation, founded in Montréal Canada in 1997. Céu do Montréal is volunteer-managed, and supported by members and visitors and their donations. We maintain our website and all the information on it as a community education effort.

Mestre, La Mer, La Nature (Photo par: www.ilovesantodaime.org)

Santo Daime
The Santo Daime is a syncretic spiritual practice founded in the Brazilian Amazonic state of Acre in the 1930’s by Raimundo Irineu Serra, known as Mestre Irineu. The Santo Daime is syncretic, in that it incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions, including; Christianity, South American Shamanism, African Animism, Kardec Spiritism and Eastern transcendental wisdom. Central to the Santo Daime practice is the sacrament taken in spiritual rituals, known as Works, which is also known as Santo Daime. The Santo Daime became a worldwide movement in the 1990’s, and currently has an international presence.

Single Sacrament
Please note that Céu do Montreal is a single Sacrament church and does not tolerate the use of any substances before, during or after a Spiritual Service. We ask all attendees to respect the direction of Mestre Irineu who advised mindfulness and abstention regarding diet and habits during the three days before and three days after the Works.

Céu do Montréal is an independent Santo Daime church and a non-profit organization, volunteer-managed, and supported by members and visitors and their donations. We maintain our website and all the information on it as a community education effort. Please help to support our endeavours.

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Ayahuasca Awakening, A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Self-Care Volume One and Volume Two

We are in the middle of what appears to be a global awakening of consciousness, and there seems to be little knowledge available for those wishing to understand the “territory” of the self, the energetic, transpersonal realms, and how to wisely manage care of body, soul, and spirit along the way.

Ayahuasca Awakening, A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery and Self-Care, Volumes One and Two, were written in response to frequent requests for me to put into a “guidebook” the theories and concepts that I teach. It is my sincere hope that these books will provide readers with the information they need to navigate their personal journey of self-discovery. Jessica Rochester D.Div. March 4, 2022

Volume One: Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery explores the mystery of incarnation, the “maps” of the self, emerging paradigms of consciousness, the role of the Light and shadow in spiritual development, cycles of change, mediumship, the power of the will and restoring authenticity.


Volume Two: Self-Care and The Circle of Wholeness presents the four-fold practice of self-care; the principles of self-awareness, self-love, self-respect, and self-responsibility. This volume describes in detail how the practice of these four principles can assist in achieving and maintaining greater health and well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, creative, and spiritual. The reader is invited to walk the Circle of Wholeness, discovering the body/mind/soul connection to nature, the environment and community as well as learning how healthy habits, wholesome lifestyle patterns, interpersonal relationships, and everyday choices can enhance well-being.