lumiar stream

(Photo Credit: June Anderson)

The Santo Daime sacrament is considered to be the essential Teacher and the vehicle to the direct experience with the Divine and the Celestial Kingdom. In the encounter with the Daime and the Divine Light it would appear that there are stages involved in the process of transformation and purification that are required in order to become mediums or channels for the Light and for the Beings or Guardians of the Light.

Mediumship and channelling are processes in spiritualism of giving form or expression in physical reality to discarnate intelligence, beings, entities or Canal-Umbandaime-no-Youtubeenergies. Both mediumship and channelling can manifest differently from person to person. This range can include artistic expression in everyday life to the incorporation of a spirit guide during a sacred ritual. In Eastern philosophies, the highest form of incorporation and manifestation is in compassionate service, where the Love & Light of the Divine Heart is revealed through an individual’s daily life. In the Santo Daime tradition the practice of mediumship has its roots in Amazonic Shamanism, the Umbanda tradition and spiritism and is considered to include the incorporation of specific beings and entities for teaching and healing.

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