The Santo Daime is a spiritual path that is rich in teachings, and as such, is sometimes referred to as a university of consciousness.
The Santo Daime is considered an apprenticeship path. The study of the hymns, prayers, principles, and ritual norms is the responsibility of all members.

The Santo Daime Sacrament illuminates and provides teachings by revealing deep inner personal truths, as well as what can be considered the nature of reality and universal truths.

Initiates have the conscious responsibility for correcting personal flaws and transforming themselves during the spiritual services, known as Works, and continuing this education in their everyday life through daily practice.

In this section you can find recordings of previous information sessions, Q&A with Rev. Dr. Jessica Rochester and the 2019 Conference, The Ayahuasca Religions: The Sacrament, The Traditions and The Science, held at the St James United Church in Montréal.

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