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13/02/2017 - Our dear friend Bevan Skerratt, Cree Elder and Board member of Céu do Montréal, was diagnosed with cancer last summer. He is in need of our support to help him financially through this difficult time. We were able to raised 7,500$ in the Fall to help with medical expenses and household bills. We are now restarting the foundraising to continue to support him. Please contribute what you can to our effort. We thank you. You can make your donation directly here.

Please donate to our legal fund and join our efforts to establish reasonable and fair regulations for Daime in Canada.

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Learn more about our on-going efforts for official recognition of our religion in the Canadian context.

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Learn more about our centre Céu do Montréal and various aspects of the Santo Daime religion in Canada.

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Santo Daime

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**Please Note: Due to our on-going legal process with the Canadian Government, Céu do Montréal is currently not able to import the Sacrament and therefore is not able to hold our spiritual services. We do regularly host information sessions to update interested individuals about our Centre and on our progress. Click here to learn more about our legal status or donate to our legal fund. We look forward to accepting new members as a legally-authorized Centre in the near future.**

The Santo Daime is a syncretic spiritual practice founded in the Brazilian Amazonic state of Acre in the 1930’s by Raimundo Irineu Serra, known as Mestre Irineu.  The Santo Daime is syncretic, in that it incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions, including; Christianity, South American Shamanism, African Animism, Kardec Spiritism and Eastern transcendental wisdom.  Central to the Santo Daime practice is the sacrament taken in spiritual rituals, known as Works, which is also known as Santo Daime.  The Santo Daime became a worldwide movement in the 1990’s, and currently has an international presence.

Céu do Montréal Mission Statement


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The mission of Céu do Montreal is to uphold the central tenets of the Santo Daime.  The intent of Ceu do Montreal is to provide for transformation and evolution of all persons seeking enlightenment in communion with Divine Creator Consciousness through the use of the entheogen Santo Daime in the rituals known as Works. The rituals are called “Works” because through them we believe Initiates have the conscious responsibility for correcting personal flaws and transforming themselves during the spiritual services.

Although all are welcome to participate in the rituals for the gaining of truth, knowledge, and self-transformation, proselytizing is strictly forbidden. Membership in the Santo Daime is gained only upon the serious request of the participant.

The responsibility of members of Céu do Montréal is to live the teachings of the Hymns and Tenets, love the Divine Creator, love the Earth, love all beings in creation including oneself, love and respect all brothers and sisters, accept the truth of one’s divinity and one’s faults, and learn to embody forgiveness, compassion, and humility.

We encourage:

  • the study of the Santo Daime principles through the hymns, the music, prayer, meditation, inquiry and self-reflection;
  • personal self-reflection and spiritual inquiry with the intention of self-actualization;
  • full equality of women and men in all aspects of church leadership and religious life;
  • personal responsibility for all aspects of one’s health and well-being, as well as religious choices made based on knowledge and commitment;
  • dedication to the care and sustainability of Mother Earth and all creation through personal transformation and acts of service and social justice.

Our Fundraising Continues…

Thanks to everyone who gave generously to our recent fundraising campaign! We were able to successfully raise over $20700.00 through our Indiegogo campaign and through private donations from individuals across Canada, the United States, and Brazil.

Your generous contributions will help us continue with our legal strategy in the short term but we need continued financial support in order to achieve our goal!

Our goal is to establish reasonable regulations for the use of Santo Daime and Hoasca sacramental tea in Canada in addition to standardized Health Canada application process for legitimate religious centres.

You can learn more about our on-going legalization effortsthe Santo Daime religion, or about how to donate to our legalization effort. Check back soon for future updates on our efforts.

We would like to thank all of our perk donors, local supporting artists, and all the volunteers who helped make this initial phase of our fundraiser a success.

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