The Ayahuasca Religions; The Sacrament, the Traditions, the Science.

It is with joy that we announce that tickets are now on sale for the conference

The Ayahuasca Religions; The Sacrament, the Traditions, the Science.

This educational event is being held to advocate for and celebrate the emergence of sacred plants and their healing potential in our contemporary world. This conference is the manifestation of a vision given by our Sacrament, and represents a message from the sacred plants, the Santo Daime, also known as Ayahuasca. There is a longing, and a need, for the awakening of consciousness to assist in the restoration of health and wholeness for each one of us, for nature and for our mother Earth. The well-being of the Earth, and all peoples, depends on our consciousness of this inter-connectedness. Modern science, and all spiritual paths with heart, support this wisdom.

Join us for an enlightening day of presentation and discussion on October 19th , 2019.

  • Rev. Jessica Rochester D.Div
    The Santo Daime in Canada, Céu do Montreal and Evolutionary Eclecticism
  • Mestre Jeffrey Bronfman
    Criteria for Defining What Constitutes Conscientious Responsible Sacramental Use 
  • Paul Grof, M.D., PhD
    The Emerging New Worldview and Entheogens
  • Brian Rush, PhD
    Exploring the Intersection of Healing and Spirituality: The Case for Ayahuasca-assisted Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction.
  • Kenneth Tupper, PhD
    Ayahuasca, Public Policy and the Re-emergence of Psychedelic Science
  • Marc Blainey, PhD., R.P.
    Ayahuasca in North America and Europe: Psychoactive Sacraments and the Limits of Religious Freedom


Rev.Dr. Jessica Rochester
President, Céu do Montréal

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