Our Fundraising Continues…

Thanks to everyone who gave generously to our recent fundraising campaign! We were able to successfully raise over $20700.00 through our Indiegogo campaign and through private donations from individuals across Canada, the United States, and Brazil.

Your generous contributions will help us continue with our legal strategy in the short term but we need continued financial support in order to achieve our goal!

Our goal is to establish reasonable regulations for the use of Santo Daime and Hoasca sacramental tea in Canada in addition to standardized Health Canada application process for legitimate religious centres.

You can learn more about our on-going legalization effortsthe Santo Daime religion, or about how to donate to our legalization effort. Check back soon for future updates on our efforts.

We would like to thank all of our perk donors, local supporting artists, and all the volunteers who helped make this initial phase of our fundraiser a success.

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