New Visitiors

New Visitors

hummingbird ceudodedodedeus

(Photo Credit: Ceu do dedo de Deus)

**Please Note: Due to our on-going legal process with the Canadian Government, Céu do Montréal is currently not  able to import the sacrament and therefore is not able to hold our spiritual services. We do regularly host information sessions to update interested individuals about our Centre  and  on our progress. Click here to learn more about our legal status or donate to our legal fund. We look forward to accepting new members as a legally-authorized Centre in the near future.**

Céu do Montréal welcomes visitors, however all visitors must read the New Visitor’s Information Package, attend an information evening and be interviewed prior to attending a Work.

It is important that all visitors understand that the Works can be physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging. Preparation for a Work includes following recommendations of healthy self-care as, well as setting clear intentions regarding participation. It is helpful to prepare on the physical, mental and emotional levels, in order to be more open on the spiritual level. Part of the Santo Daime tradition is to be mindful activities and habits for three days before a work and for three days following a work.

For More Information:
Céu Do Montréal Visitor’s Guide PDF