Un message de Bevan

17021359_10154201375031610_5292612003114439043_nCéu do Montréal veut remercier tous ceux et celles qui ont contribué à notre effort pour la campagne de financement en soutien à notre ami Bevan qui prend maintenant fin. Bevan tenait à vous adresser ces quelques mots de gratitude :

I am writing today to express a huge feeling of gratitude that I have towards all the brothers and sisters, all the spiritual family members really, who have contributed in so many ways to support and facilitate the many aspects of my healing and transition process over the past few months.

There have been many positive outcomes, and, of course, many challenges yet to face in the months to come. The main point for me is the fact that so many people, both friends and strangers, came to the assistance of a brother who’s needs were beyond his capacity to meet them at a certain moment in time, and were able to generously pool their resources to his advantage in this hour of need.

My health has greatly improved as I have felt the power of your prayer and have been able to put your monetary donations to practical use to pay for medications and specialized lodgings. Love and blessings to all of you for your caring generosity which will one day be passed on to others…

With kind regards,
-Papa Bevan